Do you or someone you love live with a chronic illness that requires a higher, continuous level of care? Does your condition qualify you for nursing home care, but you want to remain in your own home? VNA Homecare can help, with our long-term home health care program.

The Managed Long-Term Care (MLTC) program provides care for the chronically ill who wish to remain home, but need assistance. VNA Homecare will coordinate services such as skilled nursing, home health aides, various therapies, medical equipment, medications, social work, and transportation.

In order to qualify for the long-term home health care program, patients must be eligible for a nursing home with a physician’s approval and also be eligible for Medicaid or willing to pay privately.

If you or someone you love can benefit from long-term home health care, please call VNA Homecare at 315-477-HOME (TTY/TDD: 711) or feel free to visit the VNA Homecare Options website now.

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